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"The stage on which the best soldiers are gathered... I wish to dance on such a stage! Such is my wish!"
Amane Nishiki
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Amane Nishiki


November 15

Voice Actors

Akira Ishida (Japanese)
Yuri Lowenthal (English)

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Beautiful things (mainly handsome men)


Social withdrawal


Making Japanese sweets

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BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma (playable)
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend (playable)
BlazBlue: Central Fiction (playable)

Amane Nishiki (アマネ=ニシキ), also known as the Uzume, is the current Onlooker of the world. He runs a small troupe consisting of orphans of war that he has adopted, and ventures across the world. He is a mysterious figure, but once he has his eyes set on something, or someone, he wants, it is difficult to dissuade him.

Amane was made playable in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, the same game he debuted in.


Amane is a tall, thin, androgynous man with light blue eyes and long purple hair tied into a topknot with a pin. Amane is always seen wearing makeup similar to an onnagata kabuki actor, which matches many aspects of his character and design.

He wears a pink sleeveless kimono-like garment with two green metal pieces hanging from the front, black toeless socks, and high platform sandals. He wraps pink scarves around his arms, which he uses as weapons in combat. Underneath his garments, he wears tight black shorts, a short black tank top that covers his upper torso, and black arm warmers.

Before entering combat, Amane instead wears a pink, green, purple, and red geisha’s outfit with even larger platform shoes. His hair is styled differently, with ten pins stuck in it.


Very honest about his own desires, and a dogged and relentless opponent of anything he deems wrong or dishonest. He looks after the boys—mostly war orphans—that he’s recruited to his troupe with a great deal of kindness.[1][2][3]


A travelling performer and manager of a troupe consisting of orphans of war that he has adopted, Amane roams the globe. Around 2190, Amane was hired by a mercenary squad's drill sergeant as an instructor for their "troops" on integrating new combat moves into their arsenal. Amane misunderstood, thinking that they were a "troupe" who needed to be taught new dancing styles. For three days and nights, he made the troops dance traditional Oriental dances before realising his mistake and vanishing. Bullet, then a young girl, never forgot the incident, swearing revenge. [4]

Chrono Phantasma

The beautiful leader of a dance troupe, "Amane." From a young age he wished to grasp the true essence of dance, and obtained the "dance" of battle. He prefers unparallelled "pretty boys," and after hearing rumors of one such young vigilante, he journeyed all the way to the Ikaruga Region to scount him. [5]

Central Fiction

From a young age, Amane travelled to grasp the true essense of dance. He realized that the origins of "dance" lie the ideals of the "martial arts," and obtained the "dance" of battle. He prefers unparallelled "pretty boys," and journeyed to gather a number of "pretty boys" and establish positions for them. Concerned about the fate of the world, he decides to Observe it.[6]

As with many others, Amane was absorbed into the Embryo, although his memories remained unaffected, and he became one of the chosen. He found Rachel in the Kagutsuchi Port in a distorted reality of the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi, and began to warn her about how much she was intervening in the world – but he did grant her his blessing to continue forward as “everyone is an actor once on stage”. [7]

Mimicking Rachel’s teleportation, Amane used sorcery to transfer Ragna the Bloodedge to his location next to the Kushinada’s Lynchpin. He offered Ragna to join his troupe, a metaphor for Observation. Although he was turned down, Amane listened to the Grim Reaper’s plan to create a new possibility using Soul Eater to take the desires of the chosen. Gleefully, Amane told him that he would watch what he could do, teleporting Ragna back to Wadatsumi. [8]

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing found Amane at the Altar atop Kagutsuchi. The lycanthrope told him about Rachel’s disappearing state and that he was going to kill the Onlooker to save his young mistress. They battled, but Amane revealed that because Valkenhayn exists outside of Logic, there is no way that he can kill an Onlooker and change the world. Amane further asked him where his loyalties truly lie – with his promise to Clavis Alucard to protect Rachel, or to the girl herself. He answered the latter, so the Onlooker told him of Ragna’s plan and how that would save the young vampire from disappearing. [9] He later came to the battle between Es and Makoto Nanaya, seeing the latter off as she dissolved into seithr and commending her on how brilliantly she fought. Es left to pursue Naoto Kurogane afterwards, and Amane allowed her. [10]

A final conversation with the Man of the Azure

Amane met Es at the Gate, and told her to rest easy as she dissolved into seithr, believing that she had made the right choice to believe in others, not something as grandiose as possibilities. [11] He was the last of the chosen to dissolve into seithr, and met Ragna in his final moments, calling his dance “majestic.”[12]

Amane soon dissolved into seithr and was reborn in the new world created by Ragna, wandering the world with his troupe. [13]

Powers & Techniques

Library Entry

Amane Nishiki

A pretty young man who leads his own performance troupe. While he carries himself with almost feminine elegance and grace, there is perhaps a darker side that we do not yet know, at least according to Rachel.

He takes great pride in the quality of his dance, and fights to master the art of dance. To Amane, the stage and battlefield are but one and the same, and dance and fighting are both arts.

Contrary to his appearance, he speaks in a rather crude tone at times, and has a manly personality. His troupe consists mainly of orphans of war, but that does not mean he’s not constantly on the lookout for more pretty boys to add to the roster.

Hearing rumors of one such child, the Vigilante Carl Clover, he heads to Ikaruga to scout that child, like no child has been scouted before.[14]

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